Ginger Smack that Cancer!!!!

This year I have received several emails from women who are going through chemotherapy and they have found that my Ginger Smack cookie is one of the few things they can eat and enjoy. Here are a few of their comments:

"Love, Love, Love Seed and Nut Sensation as well as Ginger Smack.

One of the few things I can eat after chemo. Thank You."

"My sister, Cathy, sent me the Ginger Smack! cookies for my birthday, and I LOVE them. The chemotherapy has been very rough, and there are very few foods I've been able to tolerate due to the intense nausea. Your cookies have been a real treat and have actually helped settle my stomach a bit.

Many thanks for the good wishes and for making such a wonderful product."

I did not invent Ginger Smack specifically for chemo patients but, having been a chemo patient myself in 2009, am so very pleased and deeply moved that it has helped these gals in the midst of their battle.

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